Ham Radio Crash Course originated from Josh Nass’s videos on YouTube but has evolved into a community of hams who are constantly learning, teaching and operating ham radio. The heart of this community is the team that keeps the community running smoothly on Facebook, Discord, YouTube and with the HRCC Net.

The Ham Radio Crash Course Team consists of an amazing group of volunteers who will be there for you to stop you from acting like a lid. This group has a massive cumulative knowledge on the cutting edge technologies developing in ham radio, while remaining humble and inclusive in their elmering.

Ethan Gollehon – KE7DUX 

Got my Technician license in April of 2005 (I was 14) after receiving a Kenwood TS-520 from a relative.
I had been interested in electronics and technology for some time and that led me to radio communications.
I did some self-study in electronics textbooks to expand my knowledge and then took a ham class directed by Jill Mohr KC7ZZY.
Played on VHF/UHF for a couple of years, was Net Control for a young hams net in our area, and was active in a young hams club.

I passed my General exam in February of 2007 and primarily operated digital modes using a TS-520 and then a TS-130 feeding a G5RV.

I got married in 2016 and we lived in an apartment in Vancouver, WA. Since early 2017, I have been making an effort to get back into the hobby as I had not done much with the hobby for a few years.
Because of apartment and travel (We lived in florida and Madagascar for a year total in 2017/2018), I pursued a QRP setup, so I parted ways with most of my existing gear.

In 2020 we moved to Post Falls ID, where we plan to put down roots and start a family. Along with a new home came new gear and antennas.

You can find me on Instagram and Twitter.

Evan Hartman – W8KJR 

I was licensed in October 2005  at age 14 as KD8CHQ, and upgraded to General Class in March 2007. Later that year I obtained the vanity call sign W8KJR. 

Current antenna “farm” consists of a dualband verticle for VHF/UHF at 25 feet, an End Fed half wave antenna in a sloper configuration at 20feet, and a 20m delta loop.

I am active on HF SSB, FT8, and JS8CALL.

I am also active on 2m/440 FM, WIRES-X, and DMR.

I try to do POTA activations as often as possible. So far, I have done 6 in the year 2020 and hoping to get to 10 by year’s end.

If interested in following my activities in Ham Radio, You can keep up with me on Instagram and Twitter.

Chris Coel – AD7PL

Chris has had as many call signs as Josh has radios.

Cameron Heard – N0YEP

I’ve always been into electronics and radios, grew up with CB’s and business band radios on the farms, I didn’t get around to getting licensed until July 2019, as KE0WIZ… A month before my wedding, (try explaining to your fiancĂ©e why there’s a freight truck at your house dropping off a pallet of radio gear when your wedding is exactly 27 days away). Current setup is an Icom IC-7300, a home made 10-80 Multiband vertical with elevated radials, and an End Fed Halfwave (72ft) for RX on the 24/7 SDR. I’m a digital HF kind of guy, so you’ll find me a lot on FT8, JS8CALL, and other obscure modes that are in the FLDigi suite.

Matt Quince

Dom Hord