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Ham Radio Crash Course only works with companies whose products we have tried and believe are a benefit to the ham radio community. HRCC may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Signal Stuff

Not only is Signal Stuff a company that makes great products, the proceeds from Signal Stuff go to fund, one of the best license exam study tools available, which remains completely free because it is funded by Signal Stuff.

Signal Stuff Affiliate Link


Wacaco makes some of the best portable coffee presses, perfect for a hot cup on a SOTA, in the shack or on the go. This is a must have for Josh when he’s operating in the field.

Wacaco Affiliate Link

Peak Design Bags

Peak Design is the maker of bags perfect for protecting any number of electronics and camera devices. Josh has been obsessed with these bags for years, using them for his every day carry, travel bag and when packing out more delicate gear on SOTAs.

Peak Design Affiliate Link


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